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Education Leadership Council

Education Leadership Council

Next Education Leadership Council Meeting

March 25, 2014
1560 Broadway, 19th floor



The Education Leadership Council was created by Governor Hickenlooper on his first day in office in order to provide a meaningful forum for educators, community members, business leaders, and lawmakers to examine the current status of education policies, analyze the systems’ near-term opportunities and challenges, and make recommendations to the Governor, General Assembly, and governing boards regarding long-term improvements.


Supporting the implementation of significant education reform initiatives recently enacted, like The Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K, SB08-212) and the Educator Effectiveness bill (SB10-191), is a top priority for the Education Leadership Council. The Education Leadership Council is guiding an early childhood literacy initiative to ensure that all children are successful readers by the end of third grade. Additionally, in partnership with the Education Success Task Force established through (SB11-111), the Education Leadership Council is helping with state remediation reform efforts.


Success will be measured by the Council’s ability to help:


  • improve school readiness for all children;
  • reduce dropout rates;
  • close achievement gaps and degree attainment gaps among students from different income, racial and ethnic groups;
  • reduce remediation rates for students entering higher education;
  • increase student retention and graduation rates;
  • increase the number of degrees and certificates awarded; and
  • remove barriers for entry into college and the performance of graduates.


The state of Colorado creates a new approach to leading education reform through the Education Leadership Council and delivers on the promise to provide an excellent education for all children regardless of background, neighborhood or income.


The Education Leadership Council will ensure Colorado’s standing as a national leader for education reform, and a leader for children.