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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Resources for Health Care Providers

This page is a resource center for health care providers and is designed to provide key information regarding Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion and Connect for Health Colorado. The page and resources below will be updated as new information becomes available.



        Material for download and placement in your waiting rooms


Key Dates to Know:
October 2013  Connect for Health Colorado marketplace opened.
October 2013  Medicaid expansion population could begin to apply.
January 2014  Coverage purchased through Connect for Health Colorado and Medicaid expansion coverage began.
January 2014  Individual mandate began. Click here for more information about the individual mandate.
January 2014  Insurance reforms and consumer protections take effect. Click here to learn more.
March 31, 2014

 Deadline to purchase health insurance to avoid penalty. Click here for more information about the individual mandate.

March 31, 2014  Connect for Health Colorado 2014 open enrollment period closes.
November 15, 2014  Connect for Health Colorado 2014 open enrollment period opens.
2015  Employer Mandate begins
February 15, 2015

Connect for Health Colorado 2015 open enrollment period closes.

2016  Long term care benefit is available.
2018  Federal tax on high-value benefit packages begins.



As a result of the Affordable Care Act (federal health reform law), Colorado passed three laws to help expand health insurance access to more residents and provide a frame work for more Coloradans to be able to purchase health insurance.


Medicaid Expansion
Colorado Health Benefit Exchange/Connect for Health Colorado
Alignment of Health Insurance Laws
Collaborating to Cover More Coloradans



Colorado Medicaid is public health insurance for Coloradans who qualify. Beginning in 2014, Medicaid will cover individuals and families with up to 133%* of the Federal Poverty Level. This means more adults without children and parents will now be able to qualify for free or low cost coverage through Medicaid.

to qualify for Medicaid beginning January 2014

Individual up to $1,250*
Family of 2 up to $1,700*
Family of 3 up to $2,150*
Family of 4 up to $2,600*

*Those with higher incomes may still qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) do NOT have an open enrollment period. Coloradans can apply and, if eligible, qualify for Medicaid and CHP+ at any time.   


How do Coloradans apply?
What benefits and coverage does Medicaid provide?
What is the relationship between the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and Connect for Health Colorado?
How do I become a Medicaid provider?




Connect for Health Colorado is a new health insurance marketplace for Colorado. The new insurance marketplace is geared towards:  

  • Small businesses with 2-50 employees,
  • Coloradans who buy their own health insurance, an
  • Those who are uninsured or don’t have access to affordable coverage through an employer.

Beginning in October 2013, consumers can shop and purchase health insurance through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace. The Connect for Health Colorado marketplace is the only place where Coloradans can access new federal financial assistance, based on income, to reduce the cost of health insurance. Through the marketplace, Coloradans will be able to see if they qualify for a new kind of tax credit to lower the cost of premiums and reduce co-pays and deductibles.  

Connect for Health Colorado has a board of directors appointed by the governor and state legislature, and is governed by a special subcommittee of the state legislature. To learn more about the governance of Connect for Health Colorado click here.

The insurance plans for sale on the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace, like all health insurance plans in Colorado, are regulated by the Department of Regulatory Affairs, Division of Insurance.To find out more about the Division of Insurance click here.

To find out more about the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace visit their site here or call 1-855-PLANS-4-YOU (1-855-752-6749).


Who is eligible for new federal financial assistance through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace?
What health plans are on the marketplace ?
When does coverage start ?
When is the open enrollment period?
Where can I find materials to pass out to my patients or display in my office?
Can my patients still purchase insurance now that the open enrollment period is closed?


The Department of Regulatory Affairs, Division of Insurance regulates the insurance industry and assists consumers and other stakeholders with insurance issues. For over 100 years, Division of Insurance has ensured a regulatory environment that supports a competitive marketplace for insurance companies in Colorado. Additionally, the Division of Insurance ensures all individuals who sell insurance directly – insurance agents – are licensed and regulated.


What is the Division of Insurance¿s role in the Affordable Care Act?
Division of Insurance Resources



For more information about the impact of the health reform law on Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) click here.


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