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New Nursing Facility Application

Castle Peak Senior Care, LLC Application



Send comments regarding the application to John Barry with the subject line "Comments on New Nursing Facility Beds" no later than December 1, 2013.


Castle Peak Senior Care, LLC Application Materials:


Letter of Intent, Overview, and Staff Model 


Staff Model and Overview 


Public Notice, Financial Statement and Stakeholder Meeting 


Financial Marketing 1 


Financial Marketing 2 


Financing Report 


Marketing Plan 


Site Control 


Legal Description 


Resident Payer Mix 


Statement of Deinstitutionalization 


Statement of Compliance 


Information about Applicant 


Augustana Newsletter 1


Augustana Newsletter 2


Augustana Newsletter 3


Augustana Newsletter 4


Augustana Newsletter 5


Augustana Newsletter 6


Augustana Newsletter 7 



Housing Authority of the City of Loveland Application


On May 8, 2012, the Housing Authority of the City of Loveland (HACOL) submitted an application for new Medicaid certified nursing facility beds to the Department.  According to 10 CCR 2505-10, §8.430.3.A (3), applications for new Medicaid nursing facility beds must be posted on the Department website for public review.


Comments were submitted regarding the application to John Barry with the subject line "New Nursing Facility Comments" through August 20, 2012.


HACOL Nursing Facility Bed Application Materials:


Greenhouse Application




Deinstitutionalization Statement


Supporting Research


Letters of Support


Marketing Study and Plan


Financial Feasibility


Party Overview