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Gov. Hickenlooper issues statement on special session

DENVER — Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Gov. John Hickenlooper today released the following statement:


“Over the past several months, we have worked with a bipartisan coalition to explore a legislative compromise that would avoid a series of expensive and divisive ballot initiatives surrounding oil and gas development in Colorado. Despite our best efforts and those of other willing partners, we have not been able to secure the broader stakeholder support necessary to pass bipartisan legislation in a special session.”


“Although we will not be calling a special session on oil and gas local control legislation, we will continue to work on the underlying issue, building on progress made.”


“Throughout this process people of good will have shared their views and while they have not always agreed with our approach, at no time did we find legislators of either party or stakeholders unwilling to come to the table.”


“Colorado has made tremendous progress through collaboration and compromise to solve many of the issues surrounding oil and gas development.  We are leading the way with the nation's strongest air pollution emissions, the most robust frack fluid disclosure rule and the first direct regulation of methane.  In the last legislative session we significantly increased fines and penalties for violations of environmental and public safety regulations. Colorado is blessed with a rich array of energy resources. We all have an obligation to develop these resources in a way that supports the Colorado economy, respects private property rights and protects our environment.”


“Our thanks to all of those who supported the compromise. We continue to believe that the right way to solve complex issues like these is through the legislative process and through transparent rule making.”