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Gov. Hickenlooper signs bills

DENVER — Saturday, May 25, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed bills into law today.
Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB13-026 Update Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act Carroll & Aguilar / Primavera Concerning expansion of the "Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act of 2010" to require additional health care providers to disclose information about their practice history and making an appropriation.
SB13-039 Regulate Audiology Practice Aguilar / McCann Concerning the regulation of audiologists and making an appropriation.
SB13-123 Collateral Consequences Steadman / Levy Concerning provisions that improve the reintegration opportunities for persons involved in the criminal justice system and making an appropriation.
SB13-125 Preneed Funeral Contracts Todd / DelGrosso Concerning preneed funeral contracts and reducing an appropriation.
SB13-129 Modification Of Audit Requirements Tochtrop / Williams Concerning the modification of certain statutory requirements directing the Office of the State Auditor to review compliance with statutory obligations and reducing an appropriation.
SB13-137 Improving Medicaid Fraud Detection Roberts / Navarro Concerning system improvements to prevent fraud in the Medicaid program and employing advanced data analytics.
SB13-151 Sunset Review Massage Therapists Nicholson / Primavera Concerning the continuation of the regulation of massage therapists and requiring licensure of massage therapists, implementing other recommendations contained in the sunset report prepared by the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and making an appropriation.
SB13-154 Sunset Continue Division of Banking Jahn / Williams Concerning continuation of the division of banking and implementing the recommendations of the 2012 sunset report by the Department of Regulatory Agencies.
SB13-158 Sunset Cost-Benefit Analysis of State Rules Balmer / Ryden Concerning the continuation of the preparation of cost-benefit analysis of proposed rules of executive branch agencies and implementing the recommendations of the 2012 sunset report of the Department of Regulatory Agencies
SB13-162 Sunset Examining Board of Plumbers Tochtrop / Kraft-Tharp Concerning the continuation of the examining Board of Plumbers and making an appropriation.
SB13-166 Extend Deadlines Medical Clean Claims Standards Aguilar / Schafer Concerning the development of standardized rules for use in processing medical claims and extending the deadlines for development and implementation of the standardized rules, authorizing an appropriation of state moneys to help fund the development of the rules, and making an appropriation.
SB13-195 No On-line Training For Concealed Handgun Permits Tochtrop / May Concerning requiring certain applicants for concealed handgun permits to complete a handgun training class on the physical grounds where the certified instructor of the course offers the course.
SB13-198 Courts and Child Sexually Exploitative Material Jahn / Gardner Concerning closing a court to the public when sexually exploitative material related to a specific child is being presented as evidence.
SB13-202 Additional Inspections at Oil & Gas Facilities Jones / Singer Concerning additional inspections of oil and gas facilities and making an appropriation.
SB13-204 Board Chiropractic Examiners Addition Of Members Aguilar / Primavera Concerning the addition of two members to the Colorado State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and making an appropriation.
SB13-205 Medicaid False Claims Act Comply With Federal Law Hodge & Roberts / Gardner & Young Concerning revisions to the Colorado Medicaid False Claims Act to comply with federal law.
SB13-225 STEMI Heart Attack Stroke Data Hosp Designation Giron / Ginal & Primavera Concerning the development of a system to improve quality of care to patients suffering specified acute incidents, and making an appropriation.
SB13-228 Deceptive Trade Practices Hearing Aid Dispensers Aguilar / Kraft-Tharp Concerning deceptive practices related to the dispensing of hearing aids.
SB13-229 Criminal Omnibus Guzman / Kagan Concerning changes to statutory provisions related to criminal proceedings.
SB13-240 Voting Requirements for FPPA Defined Benefit Plan Tochtrop / Exum Concerning voting requirements for approval of modifications to the statewide defined benefit plan administered by the fire and police pension association.
SB13-243 Petition Requirements County Commissioner Elections Hodge / Peniston Concerning requirements affecting the designation by petition of candidates in connection with the election of members of the boards of commissioners of counties following a change in the membership of said boards.
SB13-246 Criminal Discovery Task Force JBC Concerning creation of a task force to study discovery costs in criminal cases.
SB13-248 Out of State Subpoenas Aguilar / Priola Concerning the authority of the Attorney General or a District Attorney to enforce subpoenas for consumer protection violations against persons located outside Colorado.
SB13-249 Workers' Compensation IME Reports Tochtrop / Williams Concerning procedures regarding independent medical examiners’ reports in workers’ compensation cases.
SB13-288 General Assembly Approval Additional Payment Under CGIA Cadman & Morse / Levy & Gerou Concerning the process by which the general assembly approves recommendations made by the State Claims Board for an additional payment to claimants that exceeds the maximum liability under the "Colorado Governmental Immunity Act".
HB13-1292 Keep Jobs In Colorado Act Lee & Pabon / Kerr & Nicholson Concerning modifications to procurement requirements for government contracts related to United States domestic employment and making an appropriation.
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