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Gov. Hickenlooper signs numerous bills

Steamboat Springs — Saturday, May 11, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed 19 bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB13-077 Probate Code Omnibus Roberts / Pabon Concerning certain provisions of the Colorado probate code.
SB13-079 Rule Review Bill Morse / Gardner Concerning implementation of recommendations of the committee on legal services with legislative review of rules and regulations of state agencies.
SB13-119 Clarify Title Insurance Certificate Of Tax Requirement Jones / Scott Concerning clarification of the requirement for a certificate of taxes due in connection with title insurance.
SB13-159 Sunset Division Of Financial Services 2024 Jahn / Court Concerning continuation of the division of financial services.
SB13-179 Simulcast Greyhound Races Tochtrop / Williams Concerning the authority to continue to simulcast greyhound races after June 30, 2014.
SB13-242 Adult Dental Benefit Medicaid Nicholson / Primavera Concerning dental services for adults in the Medicaid program and making and reducing an appropriation.
HB13-1046 Employee User Name Password Privacy Protection Williams / Ulibarri Concerning employer access to personal information through electronic communication devices and making an appropriation.
HB13-1077 Illegal Traffic Stops License Revocation Hearings Salazar / Ulibarri Concerning a driver’s right to challenge the lawfulness of a law enforcement officer’s initial contact in an administrative proceeding for a revocation of a driver’s license.
HB13-1129 Evidence-Based Practices For Offender Services Pettersen / Newell Concerning creating the evidence-based practices implementation for capacity resource center and making an appropriation.
HB13-1134 HOA Information Resource Center Annual Registration Ryden / Carroll Concerning unit owners' associations under the "Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act."
HB13-1153 Ownership Tax Rental Mobile Machinery Electronic Tyler / Hudak Concerning the authorization of owners of rental special mobile machinery to pay specific ownership tax through an electronic reporting process and making an appropriation.
HB13-1180 Allocation Of Tobacco Litigation Settlement Moneys JBC Concerning the allocation of tobacco litigation settlement moneys that were originally to be allocated to the nurse home visitor program but are currently scheduled to be transferred to the general fund and requiring such moneys to be allocated to the nurse home visitor program and the tobacco settlement defense account of the tobacco litigation settlement cash fund and making and reducing an appropriation.
HB13-1196 Report Waste-Prevention Methods Accountable Care Stephens / Newell Concerning reporting relating to the Medicaid coordinated care system.
HB13-1236 Best Practices In Bond Setting Levy / Ulibarri Concerning pre-trial release from custody.
HB13-1246 Modify Property Tax Exemptions For Nonprofit Organizations Court / Steadman Concerning modifications in connection with current property tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations.
HB13-1263 Private Occupational School Requirements Primavera / Heath Concerning the regulation of private occupational schools by the private occupational school board and making nonprofit private occupational schools subject to regulation by the private occupational school board.
HB13-1278 Oil Spills Gas Releases Reporting Mitsch Bush / Todd & Jahn Concerning the reporting of oil spills and making an appropriation.
HB13-1281 Medicaid Management Information Systems Appropriation Two Years JBC Concerning the authority for the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to expend an appropriation for the Medicaid management information system over two fiscal years.
HB13-1282 Governor May Repay Transfers To Disaster Emergency Fund JBC Concerning the repayment of certain moneys transferred by the governor to the disaster emergency fund.


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