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Gov. Hickenlooper signs bills

DENVER ­— Thursday, April 4, 2013 — Gov. Hickenlooper signed many bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB13-067 Extend Public Lands Off-road Vehicle Law Tochtrop / Vigil Concerning the operation of vehicles off-road.
SB13-074 Irrigation Water Right Historical Use Acreage Hodge / Sonnenberg Concerning the resolution of ambiguities in old water right decrees regarding the place of use of irrigation water.
SB13-190 Implementation Of Fin Report Sys Modernization Steadman / Gerou Concerning the implementation of the Colorado financial reporting system modernization project.
HB13-1011 Repeal Fee Veteran's Identifier Driver's License Young & Hamner / Hudak & Schwartz Concerning the repeal of the fee for the branch-of-service identifier on cards issued by the department of revenue and making an appropriation.
HB13-1012 Extend Wildfire Mitigation Financial Incentives Gerou & Levy / Robertson & Nicholson Concerning the extension of financial incentives for wildfire mitigation.
HB13-1054 Lessen Unempl Ins Benefit Reduction Retirement Melton & Exum / Tochtrop Concerning lessening the reduction of unemployment insurance benefits required when a claimant withdraws amounts from a retirement plan as a result of unemployment.
HB13-1061 Responsible Medical Marijuana Vendor Standards Moreno / Aguilar Concerning standards for responsible medical marijuana use.
HB13-1091 Heavy-duty Diesel Emissions Testing Alternative Young / Kefalas Concerning an alternative air quality testing method for heavy-duty diesel vehicles subject to the heavy-duty diesel fleet inspection and maintenance program.
HB13-1097 Duties Of Coroners Gardner / Nicholson Concerning the duties of coroners.
HB13-1103 PUC Oversight Of Rail Fixed Guideway System Scott / Schwartz Concerning modifications to the public utility commission’s oversight of rail fixed guideway system safety.
HB13-1124 Reduce Unempl Ins Overpayments Pabon & Stephens / Jahn Concerning the reduction of improper unemployment insurance benefit payments through compliance with the federal "Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension act of 2011" and making an appropriation.
HB13-1145 Admin Of Senior & Veterans Property Tax Exemptions Court / Johnston Concerning the administration of the property tax exemption for qualifying seniors.
HB13-1157 Uniform State Law Governs Remittance Transfers McNulty / Giron Concerning adoption of the 2012 “Uniform Commercial COde” article 4.5 amendments.
HB13-1158 Cottage Foods Act Hamner / Schwartz Concerning the “Colorado Cottage Foods Act.”
HB13-1159 Use Cell Phones To Present Evidence Of Insurance Rosenthal / Tochtrop & Balmer Concerning use of an electronic device to present evidence of automobile reform.
HB13-1186 Special District Meetings Notices & Transparency Vigil / Schwartz Concerning procedures for increasing transparency for certain special district boards and requiring that a public meeting be held before a district sets or changes domestic water or sanitary sewer service rates and requiring that all special districts formed pursuant to
the special districts provisions file a special district public disclosure document to be recorded by the county clerk and recorder for all properties included within the district
HB13-1209 Child Support Revisions May / Nicholson Concerning changes to Child Support Provisions.
HB13-1219 Statutory Changes To K-12 Education Hamner / Todd Concerning statutory changes to K-12 education.
HB13-1232 Warrior Transition Battalion Fishing Licenses McLachlan / King Concerning fishing licenses for people who are in the warrior transition battalion due to service in the United States Armed Forces.


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