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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER — Friday, March 8, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today signed several bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB13-109 State Agency Indirect
Cost Recovery
Lambert / Duran Concerning indirect cost recovery
from programs and establishing an indirect costs excess recovery fund and departmental accounts within the fund for the purpose of allowing departments of state government to
use moneys collected as payment for
indirect costs over multiple fiscal
SB13-114 Investigation and
Application Fees
Racing Cash Fund
Hodge / Levy Concerning the designation of the
racing cash funds as appropriate fund
into which certain racing regulation
fees are deposited.
SB13-115 Waste Tire Fee Administration Cash Fund Hodge / Gerou Concerning the creation of the waste tire fee administration cash fund.
SB13-133 Distribution of state share of limited gaming revenues Steadman / Gerou Concerning the distribution of state share of limited gaming fund revenues.
HB13-1008 Preference in Hiring for Disabled Veteran's Spouse Ryden / Todd Concerning the extension of the veterans’ preference in state hiring to the spouse of a veteran if the veteran is unable to work due to a military service-connected disability.
HB13-1010 Procurement of Stationery Supplies by Counties Vigil / Jones Concerning the elimination of restrictions for the procurement of stationery supplies by boards of county commissioners.
HB13-1026 WICHE Equipment and Renovation Fee Appropriation Requirement Fischer / Schwartz Concerning the accounting of the equipment and renovation fee assessed as a part of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Compact.
HB13-1035 Add One Judge to 5th and 9th Judicial Districts Hamner / Schwartz Concerning an increase in the number of judges in certain judicial districts, and, making an appropriation.
HB13-1041 Procedure for Transmission of Records under CORA Pettersen / Kefalas Concerning the procedures governing the transmission of public records that are copied in the response to a request for inspection of such records under the “Colorado Open Records Act.”
HB13-1051 Public Trustee for City and County of Denver Pabon / Guzman Concerning the public trustee for the City and County of Denver.
HB13-1055 Colorado Works Redetermination of Eligibility May / Kafalas Concerning reducing the inefficiency redetermination process for the Colorado works program.
HB13-1063 Emergency Service Providers Critical Care Endorsement Garcia / Giron Concerning the issuance of a critical care endorsement to emergency service providers.
HB13-1072 Public Trustees Crime Insurance Coverage Swalm / Kefalas Concerning the authority for counties to purchase crime insurance coverage for public trustees in lieu of surety bonds.
HB13-1113 Alternate Property Tax Protest and Appeal Procedure Court / Johnston Concerning the creation of a pilot alternate property tax valuation protest and appeal procedure for the City and County of Denver.
HB13-1137 Lot Restrictions for BOCC Authority Over Weed Removal Landgraf / Baumgardner Concerning the elimination of certain restrictions on the lots over which a Board of County Commissioners has authority for weed removal.


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