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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER ­— Saturday, March 24, 2012 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB12-011 Child Abuse Differential Response Program Spence /
Concerning The Differential Response Pilot Program For Child Abuse Or Neglect Cases Of Low Or Moderate Risk
SB12-064 Colorado Children's Trust Fund Nicholson /
Concerning The Colorado Children's Trust Fund
SB12-072 Colorado Mounted Rangers Lambert /
Concerning The Colorado Mounted Rangers
SB12-079 Safe2tell Program Revisions School Safety
King S. / Stephens Concerning Revisions To The Safe2tell Program Relating To Advances In Communications Technology
SB12-096 Office Of Information Technology Amend Contracts Lambert / Levy Concerning The Continuation Of The Office Of Information Technology's Authority To Amend Existing Contracts For Information Technology Resources
HB12-1028 Continue Low-income Energy-related Assistance Gerou / Steadman Concerning The Continuation Of Energy-Related Assistance To
Low-Income Households From The Operational Account Of
The Severance Tax Trust Fund
HB12-1029 Economic Stimulus Personal Property Tax Exemption Holbert / Scheffel Concerning An Economic Stimulus Through A Property Tax
Exemption For Business Personal Property, And In Connection Therewith, Enacting The "Save Colorado Jobs Act"
HB12-1072 Higher Ed Prior Learning Assessments Massey & Fields / Bacon & King K. Concerning Credit For Prior Learning In Higher Education
HB12-1104 CO Cancer Fund Tax Checkoff Name Change Swerdfeger / Giron Concerning A Change To The Voluntary Contribution Designation
Benefiting The Colorado Breast And Women's Reproductive
Cancers Fund, And, In Connection Therewith, Changing The
Name Of The Fund To The Colorado Cancer Fund And
Expanding The Purpose Of The Fund To Include Furtherance Of
The Colorado Cancer Coalition's Work On Behalf Of The
Cancer Community
HB12-1169 Open Meetings & Secret Ballot Leadership Elections Gardner B. & Duran / Brophy & Morse Concerning A Clarification Of The Circumstances Under Which
Voting To Elect Leadership Of A Public Body May Be Held By
Secret Ballot In Accordance With The State Open Meetings Law
HB12-1207 Sunset Cover All Children Advisory Committee Labuda / Aguilar Concerning The Repeal Of The Advisory Committee On Covering All
Children In Colorado
HB12-1212 BOCES Multi-district On-line Education Programs JBC Concerning The Designation Of An On-Line Education Program As A
Multi-District Program If The Program Is Authorized By A
Board Of Cooperative Services
HB12-1288 Administration of IT Projects in State Govt Murray / Bacon Concerning The Administration Of Information Technology
Projects In State Government
HB12-1031 FPPA Board Authority to Amend Plans Peniston / Tochtrop Concerning Intervention Services For Middle-Grade Students
HB12-1032 Continue Forest Restoration Program 5 Years Hamner / Nicholson Concerning Continuation Of Forestry-Related Programs, And, In
Connection Therewith, Making An Appropriation
HB12-1089 Specific Wording of Statewide Ballot Title Court / Steadman Concerning The Specific Wording Related To A Statewide Ballot Title
HB12-1058 Health Department Infant Eye Prophylaxis Joshi / Nicholson Concerning The Requirement That The Department Of Public Health And Environment Provide Infant Eye Prophylaxis
HB12-1249 State Auditor's Office Tobacco Settlement Funding JBC Concerning The Manner In Which Tobacco Litigation Settlement
Moneys Are Allocated To The State Auditor's Office For The
Costs Of Conducting Program Reviews And Evaluations Of
The Performance Of Tobacco Settlement Programs


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