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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER — Thursday, March 22, 2012 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB12-1033 Workers Compensation Administration Audit Fines Swalm / Newell Concerning conditions on the authority of the director of the division of workers' compensation to impose administrative fines as a result of compliance audits finding instances of late reporting of injuries under the "workers’ compensation act of Colorado”
HB12-1047 Non-safety Licensing Standards Kinship Foster Care Kefalas / Newell Concerning the waiver of non-safety licensing standards for kinship foster care
HB12-1055 DORA Div Registrations Name Change Rule Authority Schafer S. / White Concerning the division of registrations in the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and, in connection therewith, renaming the division as the division of professions and occupations and requiring periodic review of the functions of the division
HB12-1074 Judicial Oversight of Guardians and Conservators Kerr J. / King S. Concerning access to data to assist the courts in overseeing persons appointed to manage the affairs of persons under disability
HB12-1078 Exempt Drinking Water Cert. Designation Vigil / Schwartz Concerning the exemption of drinking water treatment facilities from the requirement to obtain a certificate of designation
HB12-1090 No School Pupil Enrollment Count On Holidays Pace / Newell Concerning the annual date for establishing the total pupil
enrollment of each public school
HB12-1095 Verification Of Electronic Court Documents Waller / Newell Concerning electronic court documents
HB12-1117 Local Government Allows Charitable Giving From Motorists Balmer / Nicholson Concerning the ability of a local government to permit, in its discretion, the collection of charitable solicitations from motorists on a certain number of days per calendar year
HB12-1163 Conditional and Provisional Peace Officer Status Waller / Morse Concerning limited peace officer authority designations
HB12-1177 Dev. Disabled Home Care Allowance Grant Program Gerou / Hodge Concerning a grant program to provide home care allowance benefits to certain eligible individuals, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing appropriations
HB12-1217 Owner-user Organization Boiler Inspections Tyler /Aguilar Concerning the authority of an organization that maintains a regularly established inspection department to conduct inspections of its own pressure-retaining items
HB12-1221 Direct Billing For Anatomic Pathology Services Liston / Tochtrop Concerning billing for anatomic pathology services
HB12-1233 Legal Separation Court Appearance Procedure Labuda / Carroll Concerning the ability of a court to enter a decree of legal separation in certain circumstances without the appearance of the parties
HB12-1247 Reduce Tobacco Settlement Accelerated Payments Gerou / Steadman Concerning annual reductions in the amount of tobacco litigation settlement moneys that are allocated in the fiscal year in which the state receives them, and, in connection therewith, offsetting the reductions with tobacco litigation settlement cash fund moneys made available by the repeal of the short-term innovative health program grant fund
SB12-024 Residential Nonprofit Corp. Refunds Open Meetings Harvey / Holbert Concerning the obligations of a residential nonprofit corporation to its residential members, and, in connection therewith, clarifying open meeting provisions and limiting the conditions under which the corporation must refund
moneys paid by a residential member
SB12-037 Electronic Prescription Controlled Substances King S. / Young Concerning the ability to dispense a controlled substance based on an electronically transmitted prescription drug order
SB12-097 Streamline Change of Surface Water Diversion Point Hodge / Sonnenberg Concerning a simplified procedure for the adjudication of certain
changes of the points of diversion of water rights


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