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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER — Friday, March 16, 2012 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB12-1147 Western Tiger Salamander State Amphibian Rep. Williams A. / Sen. Foster Concerning the designation of the Western Tiger Salamander as the state amphibian.
HB12-1050 Extend Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Tax Checkoff Rep. Wilson / Sen. Nicholson Concerning the voluntary contribution designation benefiting the nongame and endangered wildlife fund that appears on the state individual income tax return forms and, in connection therewith, extending the period for the contribution designation.
HB12-1079 CDPS Peace Officer Designations Rep. Barker / Sen. King S. Concerning designation of certain positions in the Department of Public Safety.
HB12-1231 Access To Driver’s Info Private Investigators Rep. Ryden / Sen. Spence Concerning the authority of the Department of Revenue to allow licensed private investigators access to certain motor vehicle records for specified purposes
HB12-1013 Interventions For Middle School Students Rep. Fields & Holbert / Sen. Hudak & King K. Concerning intervention services for middle-grade students.


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