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Gov. Hickenlooper announces several Board and Commission appointments

DENVER ­— Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced appointments to several Boards and Commissions. The appointments were made to the Cherry Creek Basin Authority, the Colorado Health Facilities Authority, the Colorado Conservation Easement Oversight Authority and the Fire and Police Pension Association Board of Directors.


The Cherry Creek Basin Authority works to develop and implement plans for water quality controls for the reservoir and surrounding waters to achieve and maintain water quality standards. The Authority shall submit a plan within two years to the Water Quality Control Commission to make Cherry Creek Reservoir meet state water quality standards. The members appointed for terms expiring Aug. 1, 2015:


  • Roger Kilgore of Denver, to serve as a member with background and professional training in water quality issues.
  • Michael R. Dannecker, to serve as a sportsperson or representative of a recreational organization with members who use the reservoir.
  • Myrna Poticha of Denver, to serve as a citizen or representative of an environmental organization interested in preserving water quality with members who use the reservoir or live within Cherry Creek Basin.

The Colorado Health Facilities Authority enables health institutions in the state to refund or refinance outstanding indebtedness and to provide additional facilities and structures which are needed to promote the health and welfare of the people of the state. The appointments must be confirmed by the Colorado Senate. The members appointed:


  • Ann C. Kiley of Denver, for a term expiring June 30, 2013.
  • John L. Vigil of Pueblo, for a term expiring June 30, 2015.


The Colorado Conservation Easement Oversight Commission reviews applications for conservation easement holder certification and to review any other issues referred to the commission by any state entity. The Division of Real Estate shall convene the meetings of the commission and provide staff support as requested by the commission. A majority of the members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and actions of the commission shall require a vote of a majority of such members present in favor of the action taken. The member appointed is:


  • Kent Hugh Holsinger of Denver, to serve as a landowner who has donated a conservation easement in Colorado, for a term expiring July 1, 2014.



The Fire and Police Pension Association Board of Directors is a local governmental unit that administers a statewide pension plan for full-time paid police officers and firefighters. The appointments must be confirmed by the Colorado Senate. The members appointed with terms expiring Sept. 1, 2015:


  • Pamela M. Feely of Lakewood, to serve as a representative of a board of directors of a special district.
  • Timothy J. Nash of Greeley, to serve as a representative of Colorado municipal employers.


For more information on Boards and Commissions, visit www.colorado.gov/governor or e-mail boards@state.co.us.