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Gov. Hickenlooper statement on President Obama's speech

DENVER — Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011 — Gov. John Hickenlooper released this statement about President Barack Obama’s speech tonight in Washington, D.C.:


“The President described an integrated plan that involves tax credits and tax cuts to help encourage businesses to hire workers. He acknowledged the need to pay for these efforts so the federal deficit is not made worse in the long-run. Helping to spur investment with an infrastructure bank also strikes us as a smart idea that deserves serious consideration by Congress.


“What matters more than the details of this package is the important opportunity Congress and the President have to kick election politics aside and demonstrate to Coloradans and to the country that government in Washington, D.C., is not broken and that Congress can get things done to help the economy.


“President Obama is on the right track. We hope everyone can now put aside the partisan division we saw during the debt ceiling debate this summer and work together toward economic recovery.”