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Joshua Epel receives Senate confirmation as Chair of the Public Utilities Commission

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 -- Gov. John Hickenlooper applauded the Colorado Senate today for confirming Joshua Epel as the Chair of the Public Utilities Commission.

The Senate confirmed Epel unanimously.

Epel was the Assistant General Counsel at DCP Midstream, where he oversaw all environmental, public health and safety matters for the company. He was responsible for multiple areas of operations and helped to develop the company’s climate change strategy. DCP Midstream is the largest midstream natural gas gathering and processing company in the United States.

Epel’s environmental work led him to be appointed to the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (OGCC). As OGCC chair, Epel was instrumental in streamlining business and regulatory processes to strike a balance between business, regulation and the environment.

Prior to DCP Midstream, Epel was at Gablehouse and Epel, (1998-2002) where he worked on environmental matters and focused primarily on the Federal and State Clean Air Act. He represented a broad spectrum of interests and his manufacturing clients included the cement, titanium, oil and gas, refining, utility and printing and publishing industries. He served as the acting Special Attorney General to the Colorado Department of Transportation, and as the environmental counsel for several Colorado municipalities.

Epel was one of the authors of the Colorado Voluntary Clean up Act and the Colorado Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act. He has a strong public service background including serving as the Chairman of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the New Mexico Climate Change Advisory Council, representing the State of Colorado on the Public Advisory Committee of the Grand Canyon visibility Transport Commission, member on and Chair of the Mobile Sources Sub-Committee of the Regional Air Quality Council and member of the Denver Metropolitan Lead Planning Agency.

He attended the University of Michigan, McGill University, William James College and has a law degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center in New Hampshire.