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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

 Wednesday, March 9, 2011 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills into law today:


Bill Number Bill Title Sponsors Description
 HB11-1028 Alzheimer's Assn Tax Checkoff Liston-Johnston & Newell Voluntary contribution designation benefitting the Alzheimer's Association Fund to appear on individual income tax return forms
 HB11-1041 Update Colo Ins Guaranty Assn Statute Reisberg-Harvey Updating Colorado Guaranty Insurance Association Policies
 HB11-1051 DNA Expungement Clarification Swerdfeger-King S. DNA sample expungement is never available for a felony convict
 HB11-1087 Pest Control Reimbursement Vigil-Giron Reimbursement to county governments for charges incurred in pest control operations
 HB11-1110 Resid Nonprofit Corp Meetings Refund Acree-Harvey Rights of members of Nonprofit Corporations in which residency is qualification for membership
 HB11-1113 Impact Fees Transparency Holbert-Foster Provision of information pertaining to impact fees imposed by local governments
 HB11-1011 Board of Assessment Appeals Hearings Peniston-Giron Participation of additional individuals in proceedings pending before the Board of Assessment Appeals
 HB11-1018 Electronically Transmitted Court Docs Tyler-King S. Regulating the conditions under which court documents may be transferred electronically
 HB11-1021  Colorado Channel Authority Fiscal Year Todd-Steadman Approval for the fiscal year of the Colorado Channel Authority
 SB11-028 Add Judge Seventh Judicial District Schwartz-Coram Approving the addition and total number of judges for District Seven


For a complete list of Hickenlooper’s 2011 legislation decisions, click here.