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Gov. Hickenlooper statement on PUC Chairman Ron Binz


Thursday, Feb.10, 2011 -- Gov. John Hickenlooper today released the following statement about the resignation of the Public Utilities Chairman (PUC) Chairman Ron Binz.

“I am grateful for Ron Binz and his vision that was instrumental in earning Colorado its national and international reputation as a clean energy leader. Under his leadership, Colorado now is recognized as having excellent utility practices.”

“Binz’s support of energy-efficiency and renewable energy technologies, including the Clean Air - Clean Jobs Act, will leave Colorado in a better position for providing affordable, clean energy to power our businesses and homes. In the state and nationally, we have all benefited from Binz’s service.”

Binz will remain until the new appointment has been made, ensuring a smooth transition. Interested parties should contact Tanuj Deora at Tanuj.Deora@state.co.us.