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Gov. Hickenlooper names Roxy Huber as interim Executive Director of Department of Revenue


Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011 — Gov. John Hickenlooper announced today Roxy Huber will remain Executive Director of the Department of Revenue through the end of July.

Huber was appointed Executive Director by former Gov. Bill Ritter in January 2007. Her presence in the office through the Hickenlooper-Garcia administration transition will allow for needed continuity in the Department, especially as a new computer system is installed and as the agency deals with ongoing budget issues.

“Roxy Huber is in the best position to provide the Department of Revenue the continuity it needs to successfully implement several timely programs and issues,” Hickenlooper said. “Coloradans have greatly benefited from her tax knowledge and management background. We are pleased she is helping us through the ongoing transition.”

Huber has worked in the private and public sectors, almost exclusively in the tax arena over the past 20 years.

After earning an accounting degree from the University of South Dakota, she started as a state tax agent and became the manager of a field office consisting of auditors and compliance agents. She moved on to work for a private tax consulting firm, where she engaged in marketing and contract negotiations with local tax agencies.

Huber developed the Colorado sales and use tax audit model used for county and city tax collections.

In her return to public life, Huber created the Revenue Division for the consolidated City and County of Broomfield. The Division was responsible for overseeing municipal utilities as well as implementing and administering the sales tax system. During her tenure at Broomfield, Huber managed the County Treasurer and Public Trustee offices.


“I look forward to working with Gov. Hickenlooper’s team on the crucial issues facing state government and the Department of Revenue,” Huber said. “It is privilege to lead a Department that is so vital to the state’s operations, and I am honored to work with our team of dedicated public servants.”

As Executive Director, Huber is the principal officer for Colorado’s Tax Division and the Division of Motor Vehicles. Included under her umbrella of responsibility are the Divisions of Gaming, Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages, Lottery, Racing, Hearings, and the recently added Division of Medical Marijuana.

The entire Department has more than 1,500 employees and brings in more than $11 billion in fees and taxes for the state on an annual basis.