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Laws, Rules and Policies


Please note that these statutes are provided in this format for your convenience only. You may always find the most current version of the Colorado Revised Statutes online via the Colorado Statute Manager.

*Legislation passed in 2014 makes significant changes to the Dentist and Dental Hygienists Practice Act. Please see HB14-1227 to review the specific changes to the law.


Rules and Regulations

This online version of these regulations is the most current version available. However, this is not the official version. For official publication of these and all State of Colorado regulations, please consult the Code of Colorado Regulations or contact Weil Publishing at: Weil Publishing Co., Inc., 150 Capitol Street, Augusta, Maine 04330. You may also contact them by phone at 1-800-877-WEIL or visit their website at weilpublishing.com.


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Pursuant to Board Rule X regarding Minimum Standards for Qualifications, Training and Education for Unlicensed Personnel Exposing Patients to Ionizing Radiation, all unlicensed dental personnel who expose patients to ionizing radiation must successfully complete minimum safety education and training for operating machine sources of ionizing radiation and administering such radiation to patients.

Please review Rule X on our Laws, Rules and Policies page for specific information regarding accepted education and training programs and written verification standards for documentation of the education and training required for unlicensed personnel.

The Colorado State Board has approved an educational video which is jointly sponsored by the Colorado Dental Association (CDA) and the University of Colorado School of Dentistry. This video is available as a DVD or VHS. For purchasing information please contact the CDA at 303-740-6900, 1-800-343-3010 ext. 100 or at info@cdaonline.org.


Legislation passed during the Legislative Session impacts the Division of Professions and Occupations. Please review the program's Laws, Rules and Policies web page to learn of any changes due to legislation.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required in order to view and print many of these materials. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download the latest free version directly from the Adobe website, or convert a document to text.


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