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RE Broker Course Approval


Education providers and others may submit a proposed course to the Real Estate Commission (Commission) for it to be eligible as continuing education for real estate brokers. The course materials must be approved by the Commission and the course must follow all requirements found in statute and Commission rules. Pursuant to section 12-61-110.5(3), C.R.S. continuing education courses must be in the following topic areas:

  • Real estate law;
  • Property exchanges;
  • Real estate contracts;
  • Real estate finance;
  • Real estate appraisal;
  • Real estate closing;
  • Real estate ethics;
  • Condominiums and cooperatives;
  • Real estate time-sharing;
  • Real estate marketing principles;
  • Real estate construction;
  • Land development;
  • Real estate energy concerns;
  • Real estate geology;
  • Water and waste management;
  • Commercial real estate;
  • Real estate securities and syndications;
  • Property management;
  • Real estate computer principles;
  • Brokerage administration and management;
  • Agency; and
  • Any other subject matter as approved by the real estate commission.

See Chapter 2, continuing education B rules in the Colorado Real Estate Manual for more information.


Continuing Education Course Application

Online RE Broker Continuing Education Course Criteria

  • The Division recommends that you submit your application and course materials electronically. There is an email submission button at the bottom of the form that you will use for course approval submission.
  • Incomplete applications will result in the denial of the course approval. Course approval only applies for continuing education (CE) credit for real estate brokers.
  • It is not necessary to submit a request for approval for the Commission Update course if you are already approved to provide the Commission Update course.
  • Courses will be approved for three years, except that an annual or one-time seminar or conference offering may be approved for a specific date or dates.
  • If this is the first time you have digitally signed a PDF form, clicking on the signature field at the bottom of the application will initiate the creation of a digital signature file in Adobe Acrobat. Follow the prompts to create a digital signature. Once you've completed all other required fields in the form, click on the "Email Form" button at the bottom of the application. The email address will show up in your installed email client along with the application file displayed as an attachment. Attach all additional supporting documents (outline, teaching credentials, etc.) to this email.

Certificate of Completion Guidelines

Education provider may choose any format for the continuing education course completion certificate. However, the completion certificates must include:

  • The licensee name
  • Course subject
  • Content
  • Duration
  • Date(s)
  • Authentication by the provider

Proof of Continuing Education Completion Notice

Licensees must retain proof of continuing education completion for a minimum of four years and provide proof of completion upon the Commission's request.



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