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Real Estate Broker Continuing Education

The real estate industry is constantly changing. In order to stay on top of the trends, laws, contract changes and practice requirements, all active real estate brokers need to complete 24 hours of continuing education during each three (3) year license cycle.

Required Continuing Education

Twelve (12) of the 24 hours must be comprised of three (3) different versions of the four hour (4) Annual Commission Update Course. Below is more information about this course. The remaining twelve (12) hours can be any combination of elective credit hours approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission (Commission).

Update Course Notice

If a licensee takes four (4) versions of the update course during the license cycle, the fourth class may be counted toward the elective credit requirement. It may not be used for credit in the next/upcoming license cycle.

Annual Commission Update Course (12-Hours)

Each year the Commission develops a four (4) hour Annual Commission Update Course that covers important information about recent regulatory changes and practice issues. All active real estate brokers are required to attend the course each year and pass the exam. Because the course has important information about current statutes and rules promulgated by the Commission we strongly encourage all real estate brokers to attend the course early in the calendar year. The Annual Commission Update Course is taught by a number of education providers including real estate schools, brokerages, REALTOR Boards, etc.

Alternatives to the 24 hours

Annual Commission Update courses are mandatory, but once the course year has passed, that version cannot be made up. In these cases, licensees will need to investigate alternative ways to meet the continuing education requirements. These options include:

  • Complete the 24 hour Broker Reactivation Course (permitted once every other license cycle)
  • Complete and pass the State portion of the Colorado Broker's Exam
  • Complete 48 Hours in Colorado Contracts & Requirements and 24 hours in Real Estate Closings for a total of 72 hours.

Inactivation Notice

If a licensee has been inactive for longer than three (3) years/36 months, the licensee MUST complete either the State portion of the Colorado Broker's Exam or 48 Hours in Colorado Contracts & Regulations and 24 hours in Real Estate Closings for a total of 72 hours.

Approved Continuing Education Courses and Providers

Below is a link to the list of currently approved continuing education courses and course providers. These courses are approved for real estate broker continuing education in Colorado. This list only includes providers and courses that are required to submit to the real estate commission for review. Courses offered by accredited colleges, universities, community or junior colleges, public or parochial schools, government agencies and quasi-governmental agencies are not required to submit their courses for review, but may only provide credit for courses which fall under the acceptable subject matter listed in §12-61-110.5(3) C.R.S.

Division of Real Estate Approved Course List pdf file

This list is only current as of the date and time stamp listed on the top right-hand corner of this document. This list will be updated approximately once a month.



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