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Mortgage Loan Originators Homepage

Board of Mortgage Loan Originators

Chair - Bruce Jordan
Vice Chair - Fred Joseph

Consumer Protection is our Mission

The mortgage loan originator program is overseen by a five member Board. Three members are licensed mortgage loan originators and two members represent the public. Each member serves a four year term. The Board makes final decisions that concern rulemaking, licensing matters, complaints and any disciplinary action that might be taken against a mortgage loan originator.

Board Information

Licensing Information

Mortgage loan originator (MLO) licenses are issued on an annual calendar cycle, expiring on December 31st each year. To receive a license an individual applicant will need to submit proof of completion of education and examination requirements, submit to a background check, obtain errors and omissions insurance, fill out an application, pay a fee and register with the NMLS. Licensees will need to renew their license on an annual basis or reinstate their license if they miss the deadline. In addition, mortgage companies will need to register with the NMLS . Click here for licensing information.

Educational and Examination Requirements

Mortgage loan originator applicants are required to complete 20 hours of pre-licensing education and complete the two-part exam before receiving a state license. In addition, on an annual basis, all active and inactive licensees must complete eight hours of continuing education on a national level and a two hour update course that is Colorado specific. Click here for the educational and examination requirements page.

Investigations & Settlement

When the Division receives a complaint regarding a mortgage loan originator or mortgage loan originator activity, if warranted, an investigation will be opened and assigned to an Investigator to review the complaint. If the Board determines there was a violation and issues disciplinary action, Division staff will attempt to resolve the matter through the internal Expedited Settlement Program (ESP). Click here for more information on the investigative and settlement process.

Real Estate Manual (Statutes, Rules & Position Statements)

The real estate manual contains all statutes, rules and position statements. The annual Real Estate Manual is a useful resource for any licensee. Click here for the Real Estate Manual.

Proposed and Revised Rules & Position Statements

Visit the Proposed and Revised Rules & Position Statements page to view proposed rules and get information on upcoming rulemaking hearing or download new rules and position statements that were recently adopted.

Industry Forms & Contracts

All Colorado real estate brokers must use Commission approved forms for real estate transactions. To download copies of the current contracts, disclosures and other Commission approved forms click here.



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