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Executive Order 5


Executive Order 5 creates a process to enhance the relationship between state and local government. Executive Order 5 (E05) requires state rule making agencies to consult with and engage local governments prior to the promulgation of any rules containing mandates. 





PDFExecutive Order 5 Summary

PDFExecutive Order 5 Text

PDFEO 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PDFState Agency Guidance from Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB)

PDFEO 5 Local government training slide presentation

LinkEO 5 Recorded local government training webinar

LinkState agency training presentation




EO5 Rules


Date Agency Summary Link
12/8/11 Department of Local Affairs (This is a sample rule) - All Colorado Local Governments (counties, municipalities, and Special Districts) shall develop comprehensive economic development plans according to criteria developed by DOLA in consultation with OEDIT. Such plans shall be filed with the Division of Local Government by Dec 31, 2012 and annually each year thereafter. PDFPDF



EO5 Agencies and Contacts


Department Position Staff Email Phone
Communications Coordinator  Jim Miller  jim.miller@ag.state.co.us  303-239-4100
 Rule Administrator  Jenifer Gurr jenifer.gurr@ag.state.co.us 303-239-4104

Communications Coordinator / Rule Administrator

 Gary Maas  gary.maas@doc.state.co.us  719-240-3027

Communications Coodinator / Rule Administrator

 Megan McDermott  mcdermott_m@cde.state.co.us  303-866-2334
 Health Care Policy & Finance Communications Coordinator  Chris Underwood  chris.underwood@state.co.us  303-866-4766
 Rule Administrator  Judi Carey  judith.carey@state.co.us  303-866-4416
 Human Services Communications Coordinator  Mary McGhee  mary.mcghee@state.co.us  303-866-5990
Rule Administrator  Pam Ryken  pam.ryken@state.co.us  303-866-5922
Rule Administrator  Tammy Humphrey  tammy.humphrey@state.co.us  303-866-5063
 Labor and Employment Communications Coordinator  Kristin Corash  kristin.corash@state.co.us  303-318-8020
Rule Administrator  Angela Pfannenstiel  angela.pfannenstiel@state.co.us  303-318-9323
Rule Administrator  Peggy Christian  peggy christian@state.co.us  303-318-8503
Rule Administrator  David Gallivan  david.gallivan@state.co.us  303-318-8709
 Local Affairs Communications Coordinator  Tony Hernandez  tony.hernandez@state.co.us  303-866-4988
Rule Administrator  Cara McKeller  cara.mckeller@state.co.us  303-866-5880
 Natural Resources Communications Coordinator  Bob Randall  robert.randall@state.co.us  303-866-3311 x8668
Rule Administrator  Rebecca Mitchell  rebecca.mitchell@state.co.us  303-866-3311 x8663
Rule Administrator  Ginny Brannon  ginny.brannon@state.co.us  303-866-3311 x8658
 Office of Information Technology Communications Coordinator  Dara Hessee  dara.hessee@state.co.us  303-764-7709
Rule Administrator  Todd Olson  todd.olson@state.co.us  303-764-7706
 Personnel and Administration Communications Coordinator  Jennifer Okes  jennifer.okes@state.co.us  303-866-2996
Rule Administrator  Paula Manzanares  paula.manzanares@state.co.us  303-866-6559
 Public Health & Environment Communications Coordinator  Martha Rudolph  martha.rudolph@state.co.us  303-692-3397

Rule Administrator

 Nancy Horan  nancy.horan@state.co.us  303-692-3463
Rule Administrator  Theresa Martin  theresa.martin@state.co.us  303-692-3476
Rule Administrator  Jamie Thornton  jamie.thornton@state.co.us  303-692-3464
Rule Administrator  Karen Osthus  karen.osthus@state.co.us  303-692-3466
 Public Safety Communications Coordinator / Rule Administrator  Kathy Sasak  kathy.sasak@cdps.state.co.us  303-239-4398
 Regulatory Agencies
Communications Coordinator  Greg Ferland  greg.ferland@dora.state.co.us  303-894-7857
 Rule Administrator  Eileen Nenoff  eileen.nenoff@dora.state.co.us  303-894-2992
 Revenue Communications Coordinator  Mark Couch  mcouch@spike.dor.state.co.us  303-866-2819
 Rule Administrator  Heather Copp  hcopp@dor.state.co.us  303-866-4994
Rule Administrator  Marie Burnette  marie.burnette@lottery.state.co.us  303-759-6816
Rule Administrator  Mari Boyd  mari.boyd@lottery.state.co.us  719-546-5318
Rule Administrator  George Thomson  gthomson@dor.state.co.us  303-205-1306
Rule Administrator  Michael Dixon  mdixon@dor.state.co.us  303-205-5944
Rule Administrator  Phillip Horwitz  phorwitz@spike.dor.state.co.us  303-205-8422
 Transportation Communications Coordinator / Rule Administrator Mary Frances Nevans  maryfrances.nevans@dot.state.co.us  303-757-9723