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Resolution 38 Posting for Comment

 Resolutions 38 Proposed Modifications - 2014

The Colorado Division of Housing (DOH) is currently accepting comments on proposed modifications to existing Resolutions 38, which provides the rules for installation of all manufactured housing (mobile, manufactured, and factory-built, new and used) in Colorado.

The Colorado Division of Housing (DOH) proposes a single word amendment to existing Resolution 38 – Manufactured Housing Installation Program as summarized below. The purpose of the proposed amendment is summarized below;




“The Insignia shall include, but not be limited to, the name, address, and telephone number of the Division, date the installation was completed, and name, address, telephone number, and registration number of the installer who performed the installation.”


It is anticipated that this proposed Resolution amendment will be submitted through the state rulemaking process in 2014. A public hearing and comment period will be a part of the state rulemaking in process in addition to this request for comments. In addition, the State Housing Board will formally adopt these Resolutions after the completion of the state rule making process.


(pdf) Resolution 38 Draft for Comment (red line)


Link to existing SOS web site for current Resolution 38 text.


Comments may be submitted via email to Rick Hanger, rick.hanger@state.co.us