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Local Government Capacity Building

Informed Decision Making Capacity_building



The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) prides itself in Strengthening Colorado Communities.  One of the fundamental ways that DOLA accomplishes this mission is by increasing the capacity of local governments to perform their jobs effectively.  The purpose of this tool is to provide communities with a comprehensive "menu" of the services, programs, and resources that DOLA has to offer.  Local governments can and should use this tool when an opportunity presents itself (for example, a newly elected town board or embarking on a comprehensive plan update).  Combining these opportunities with the range of tools and services available from DOLA allows communities to better develop local capacity to achieve goals.


This interactive page includes a profile sheet for each resource, dataset, or service that DOLA provides.  Each profile includes the name and description of the service, staff contact information, how to use the information, and why the service or resource is important to the decision-making process.


The individual profiles are followed by an example of that service or resource to provide further understanding to the user.  This resource page is intended to provide a general overview of DOLA's programs and services, with the assumption that a local government will contact DOLA for further guidance and assistance.

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