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Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs)


Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Operating Funds

Since 1995, the Colorado Division of Housing (DOH) has made funds available to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) for pre-development, capacity building, administration and operating activities that increase the supply of affordable housing in Colorado. The Colorado Division of Housing accepts applications for CHDO Operating Grants once a year, on September 1st. The Colorado Division of Housing will award CHDO Operating Grant funds on an as-needed basis. In order to receive CHDO funds from the Colorado Division of Housing (DOH), a local housing organization must be formally certified by the CDOH at the time of each application for operating grants and CHDO eligible housing projects.


Application Instructions

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing Loan/Grant Application is used to request CHDO Operating and CHDO Set-Aside funds. See the "Checklist for Required Documents" in the DOLA/DOH Loan Grant Application for more information on the required submission documents.


CHDO Operating Training Documents

CHDO Operating Grant Policies and Procedures (.pdf)

Appendix A: CHDO Certification Checklist (.doc)
Appendix B: Sample Business Plan (.doc)
Appendix C: Sample Memorandum of Understanding (.doc)
Appendix D: Sample DOH CHDO Certification Letter (.doc)
Appendix E: CHDO Project Budget Template (.xls)
Appendix F: CHDO Staff Allocation Plan Template (.xls)


Please see the following reference documents for eligibility and program requirements:

HUD Building HOME Chapter 3: CHDO Requirements and Activities


Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust single-family home


Links to:

HUD Web Page for CHDOs

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