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Hotels, Motels and Multi-family Where No Codes Are Adopted

There are several counties in Colorado that do not have building departments and do not provide local inspection for building code compliance. In these areas of Colorado, hotels, motels, and multi-family homes construction projects are required to be inspected by the Colorado Division of Housing, Housing Technology and Standards (HTS) Section to ensure that currently adopted (HTS)building codes are enforced. (Note: Multifamily is three or more dwellling units in a structure.) This code enforcement is essential to the life, health and safety of those individuals residing in these buildings. A map indicating the currently adopted building code for each local jurisdiction may be found here.


The Hotel/Motel and Multi-family Program is administered through Colorado State Housing Board Resolution 36. The resolution includes the current fee structure for the Hotel, Motel and Multifamily Code Adoption and Enforcement Program.


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