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Factory Built Residential (Modular)

Factory-Built (Modular) Program

Factory-Built (Modular) homes constructed in this state must meet state of Colorado life, health, and safety standards. In order to ensure the health and safety of Colorado residents who purchase or live in these homes, the Colorado Division of Housing, Housing Technology and Standards (HTS) Section administers and enforces the construction standards adopted by the Colorado State Housing Board, currently the 2012 IRC, IMC, IPC, IECC and 2014 NEC.


The Factory-Built (Modular) Program is administered through Colorado State Housing Board Resolution 34. The resolution includes the current fee structure for the Factory-Built (Modular) Program.


Go to Resolution 34



The Colorado manufacturers of factory-built (modular) homes offer consumers homes built to the same building codes and design standards as site-built homes. By utilizing systematic manufacturing processes, including a multi-tiered quality assurance program, factory-built (modular) homes can be produced with high-quality at lower costs per square foot than other construction methods. Other benefits include shortened on-site construction time lines, decreased construction waste, and full product customization.


Through the Factory-Built (Modular) Program, Colorado citizens are ensured that factory-built (modular) homes are properly constructed and manufacturers are ensured that their homes will be accepted for use statewide. In addition, local building departments and Colorado manufacturers have access to the HTS Section technical expertise concerning this type of structure when issues arise at the local level.


A list of registered factory-built (modular) manufacturers’ can be found here;

Factory-Built Housing Manufacturers


Housing Technology and Standards Section Responsibilities

The Colorado Division of Housing, Housing Technology and Standards (HTS) Section is responsible for the following activities concerning factory-built (modular) homes;

  • Review and approval of manufacturer Quality Assurance (QA) programs,
  • Review and approval of manufacturer engineering manuals,
  • Review and approval of in-plant quality assurance inspection agencies,
  • Review and approval of design and construction documents,
  • Issues/affixes home inspection approval insignia(s),
  • Review and approve construction modifications prior to or during installation,
  • Provide in-plant inspections of all Colorado factory-built (modular) home manufacturing facilities,
  • Provide conflict resolution as requested by the consumer, the local jurisdiction, installer, and or manufacturer.