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Manufactured Housing Installation Program

 Manufactured housing being set




The Colorado Division of Housing Manufactured Housing Installation Program (MHIP) is a certification program designed to ensure the high quality installation of mobile homes (pre-1976 construction), HUD manufactured homes, and factory-built or modular homes across Colorado. Firms and individuals involved in the installation of both new and used manufactured housing shall be registered with the Colorado Division of Housing, Technology and Standards Section (HTS Section). Installers are required to install the manufactured housing in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions or the applicable alternate standard when instructions are not available. Since the inception of the Manufactured Housing Installation Program (MHIP) in 2001, consumer complaints regarding manufactured housing have been significantly reduced.


Installation inspections may be completed by the local jurisdiction, independent inspectors, certified MHIP Installers, and HTS Section staff depending on qualifications. Housing installations that meet all installation requirements receive a permanent DOH Installation Insignia. The MHIP permits qualified installers to become certified through the successful completion of a number of home installations. Once an installer is certified, the installer may complete self-certification of their own installations and apply the Installation Insignia.


Frequently asked questions regarding the Manufactured Housing Installation Program (MHIP) can be found at;


For additional information, contact the MHIP at 303.864.7837 or joyce.calbart@state.co.us .



The Manufactured Housing Installation Program provides consumer protection by ensuring their home has been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and meets all guidelines regarding compliant installation. The Division, through training and oversight, provides assurance that the home installation inspection process is consistent across the state.


Installation Information

The following are some general guidelines concerning the installation of manufactured housing in Colorado;

  • Except for Mobile and HUD homes, all factory-manufactured homes must be installed on a permanent foundation in accordance with local jurisdictional requirements,
  • Mobile and HUD homes may be installed on permanent or temporary foundations,
  • The HUD Permanent Foundation Guide requires permanent foundations to:
  • Have no screw in soil anchors
  • Have footings of reinforced concrete
  • Have footings set below frost line,
  • Installation shall include an accessible crawl space or basement,
  • A temporary HUD home set typically uses piers (metal tripod, concrete block, etc.) to support the home and ground anchors with straps, or engineered systems (Vector Dynamics, Oliver, etc.), to anchor the home.

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Colorado Division of Housing MHIP Responsibilities

HTS Section responsibilities concerning the MHIP include:

  • Installer registration and certification
  • Independent inspector certification
  • Certify participating jurisdictions
  • Provide local resolution or ordinance
  • Certified inspector employed or contracted
  • Approve additional installation requirements
  • Oversight inspections of installer, independent inspector, and participating jurisdiction work (audit 10% of work)
  • Investigation of installation complaints



Local Jurisdiction

Local jurisdictions in Colorado are encouraged to become an active participant in the MHIP by becoming a certified Participating Jurisdiction. The benefits of becoming a Participating Jurisdiction include;

  • Ensuring the life, health, and safety of Colorado citizens in your community,
  • Providing cost-effective, coordinated inspection services,
  • Controlling the quality of manufactured home installations,
  • Generating fees for services,
  • Responsiveness to industries growth and evolution at the local level.


Certification by the HTS Section as a Participating Jurisdiction includes; the establishment of a local ordinance or resolution concerning the operation of the MHIP, the confirmation of qualified staffing or subcontractor availability, and other administrative requirements. Experience indicates that the consumer is provided with more consistent and timely MHIP services through Participating Jurisdictions.


As a Participating Jurisdiction, the local building authority is the exclusive inspection agency for the MHIP in their service area. Authority as a Participating Jurisdiction includes the potential to enforce additional installation requirements and the ability to establish local fee structures.


Local jurisdictions, with or without local participation in the MHIP, are governed through the following guidelines;

  • Unless approved by the HTS Section as a participating jurisdiction, only zoning ordinances and construction requirements for site-built work may be enforced,
  • Local jurisdictions may request HTS Section to allow modification of the installation standards (vapor barrier, frost-protection, etc.),
  • Local jurisdictions may not impose more restrictive installation standards unless they are approved by HTS Section and the jurisdiction is participating.


Resolution 38

The MHIP is administered through Resolution 38.  Resolution 38 references NFPA Standard 225, 2013 Edition with Amendments.

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Colorado Division of Housing Installation Insignia

 State of Colorado Installation Insignia

ATTENTION: The DOH Installation Insignia Telephone Number has changed

The Colorado Division of Housing contact telephone number listed on DOH Installation Insignia numbered through 28250 is no longer in service.  The new telephone number for the DOH Manufactured Housing Installation Program is 303-864-7837.

The Colorado Division of Housing installation insignia is evidence of the certification of the home installation and is evidence that permanent utility service may be provided to the residence. The installation insignia is affixed on the home, generally within thirty (30) inches of the electrical service entrance.


Registered Installers

All firms and individuals involved in the installation of both new and used manufactured housing shall be registered and conform to the following requirements;

  • Post minimum of $10,000 bond, letter of credit, or certificate of deposit
  • Provide evidence of $1,000,000 liability insurance
  • Complete continuing education (8 hours/year for installers, 24 hours/every three years for inspectors)
  • Payment of registration fees ($100/year for installers, $100/every three years for inspectors)
  • Take and pass the MHIP Installer and/or MHIP Inspector exams


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Additional information for installers can be found here: MHIP installer information

MHIP Frequently Asked Questions