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Sustainability Principles

DOLA integrates planning and investment by partnering with other local, state, and federal agencies to strengthen Colorado communities.  DOLA's approach centers on seven basic sustainable community development principles.  Adapted from the federal sustainability principles agreed upon by the Departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and the Environmental Protection Agency, DOLA tailored them to fit Colorado.



Increase economic competitiveness Invest in education and training for the global economy, attract and position employment centers near housing and transit, expand business access and promote rural economic development that preserves and enhances community identity.
Promote equitable, affordable housing Identify, encourage, and invest in quality, energy efficient, affordable housing near jobs, shopping, and public and recreation amenities.
Support existing communities Strategically optimize goal driven infrastructure funding to maximize investment, support long term viability, and revitalize communities.
Provide more transportation choices Improve safe, reliable, and affordable transportation choices to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality; create transit-oriented neighborhoods with biking and walking opportunities.
Conserve, responsibly utilize, and protect valuable natural resources Focus investments which plan for and conserve a clean water supply, imporve air quality, protect natural resources, and promote local and regional food systems, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.
Value healthy communities and neighborhoods Support unique and historic community characteristics by investing in quality schools, prosperous and sustainable downtowns, and healthy, safe, walkable neighborhoods.
Enhance integrated planning and investment Align policies to remove barriers, maximize and leverage funding, and increase accountability and effectiveness of government programs.