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Local Government Designated Agent for Notice of Claim


Jarrod Biggs


Help Desk:

Department of Local Affairs
1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303.864.7720
Fax: 303.864.7759



The Local Government Designated Agent was created by House Bill 12-1244. Pursuant to the law, local governments in the State of Colorado are required to provide, and thereafter maintain, a listing of an “agent” for their government with the Department of Local Affairs. This new reporting requirement is intended to serve notification purposes under the "Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.”


What is provided to DOLA?
A form listing the “agent” and other required information. An “agent” for purposes of the
legislation is “a person designated by a local government entity to receive a filing of notice of
claim.”1 This person is designated to receive any notice of lawsuit or any other legal notifications
being made to the local government. It is important for local governments to provide and to
update the filing as necessary since the listed agent on the DOLA website for any local
government, even if not current, is valid as a matter of law2 pursuant to HB12-1244.


Who must file?
Not all local government entities are required to designate an “agent” pursuant to HB12-1244.
The annual notice of a “contact person” of a Title 32-1 Special District satisfies the designation
of an “agent” for those local governments and these Special Districts do not file an “agent.”


Title 32-1 Special Districts
Ambulance Districts Park and Recreation Districts
Fire Protection Districts Sanitation Districts
Health Assurance Districts Tunnel Districts
Health Service (Hospital) Districts Water Districts
Metropolitan Districts Water & Sanitation Districts


All other local government entities are required to file a Local Government Designated Agent
Form with the Department. Local government entity is defined as a “city, county, city and
county, special district [not Title 32-1], school district, or other unit of local government” – for a
listing of local governments types see: https://dola.colorado.gov/lgis/lg_type.jsf


When is the deadline?
August 8, 2013 is the deadline for filing. Thereafter, each local government must update this
filing as needed.



House Bill 12-1244


Local Government Designated Agent Information


Form: Local Government Designated Agent Form







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