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Local Government Budgeting


Program Contacts:


Jarrod Biggs


Cynthia Thayer


Division of Local Government
1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
Denver, Colorado 80203 

Budget Resources

  • PDFBudget Calendar
  • PDFBudget Format Requirements
  • PDFLegal Limits to Local Government Budgeting
  • PDFBudget Amendments Guide
  • LinkBudget 101 Webinar Session




Budgeting and financial management is one of the most important aspects of a local government's operations. The Local Government Services Section provides guidance and resources through workshops, publications, individual consultations and on-line resources. Specific topics include statutory budgetary requirements, the 5.5% Property Tax Revenue Limit, TABOR, budgeting timelines, federal funds for local governments and more. Please explore the links on the left for specific topic areas or review our publications for an array of topics.

2014 County Comparison Report 

2014 County Comparison
The Division has put together the 2014 County Comparison Report to aid local governments, and particularly counties with comparing different aspects of their local governments. 



Sample Forms
 XLS  Budget Expenditures
 XLS  Budget Revenue
PDF | DOC  Budget Message
PDF | DOC  Lease-Purchase Supplemental Schedule
PDF | DOC  Letter of Budget Transmittal
PDF | DOC  Notice of Budget
PDF | DOC  Resolution / Ordinance to Adopt Budget
PDF | DOC  Resolution / Ordinance to Appropriate Sums of Money
PDF | DOC  Resolution / Ordinance to Set Mill Levies
PDF | DOC  Resolution / Ordinance for Budget Contingency
PDF | DOC  Resolution / Ordinance for Budgetary Transfers
PDF | DOC  Resolution / Ordinance for Supplemental Budget and Appropriation