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2000 Census Data

2000 Census Data for Colorado

Glossary of Census Terms


2000 to 2010 Race and Ethnic Comparisons by County.  View population changes from 2000 to 2010 including absolute and percent changes, for the total population and 18+. Please note this Excel file has multiple tabs.


Demographic Profiles. There are four pages of census data available through the Demographic Profiles, labeled (DP1-DP4). For Census 2000 data, the DP1 tables is available as part of the Summary File 1 (SF1) data set, and the other three pages are available as part of the Summary File 3 (SF3) data set. Includes information on employment, income, poverty, school enrollment and educational attainment. Data is available for the state, counties and municipalities.


Topics by Geography. If you're looking for a table that highlights a particular census topic (i.e. income, poverty or education) by counties or municipalities then you might want to try this site. Tables are available in excel or pdf format.


Quick Tables. These pdf documents break Census 2000 data down to specific subject modules. These modules outline specific socio-economic characteristics of the population at a county level only. Modules vary in size and subject detail.


Create Your Own Table. This option is available for those users who would like to create their own tables using selected variables. This data is available for all counties and municipalities.


Legislative District Profiles. This pdf is an 8-page population and housing profile containing data taken from the Short (100% count) and Long-Form (sample) questionnaires. It is available for every State of Colorado House and Sentate District.


1990 & 2000 Demographic Trends. This one page outlines basic data from the 1990 and 2000 Census for Colorado counties and municipalities.


Census for Colorado School Districts. Census data for school districts can be found at the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Also, the Colorado Department of Education provides data on Colorado School Districts.


As with all census data you can find this information and much more on the US Census Bureau's website.