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HB14-1001 - Concerning the creation of a property tax reimbursement for a taxpayer that owes property tax on property that has been destroyed by a natural cause, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing appropriations.
HB14-1020 - Concerning the consolidation of two reports on taxable property that county assessors submit to their boards of equalization.
HB14-1030 - Concerning the establishment of incentives for the development of hydroelectric energy systems.
HB14-1073 - Concerning the recording of legal documents.
HB14-1074 - Concerning payments that a nonprofit owner of a tax-exempt property may receive for reasonable expenses incurred without affecting the tax-exempt status of the property. 
HB14-1086 - Concerning a requirement that a legal notice published in a newspaper is also published on a statewide web site maintained by a majority of Colorado newspapers.
HB14-1101Concerning a partial business personal property tax exemption for community solar gardens.
HB14-1141 - Concerning the confidentiality of social security numbers under statutes protecting the privacy of individuals. 
HB14-1193Concerning requirements governing the imposition of a fee for the research and retrieval of public records under the “Colorado Open Records Act”.
HB14-1223Concerning the reclassification of Dolores County for the purpose of statutory provisions fixing the salaries of county officers.
HB14-1279Concerning the creation of a state income tax credit to reimburse a business for personal property taxes paid in the state.
HB14-1307 - Concerning the recategorization of Mineral County for the purpose of statutory provisions fixing the salaries of county officers.
HB14-1349 - Concerning the creation of an exemption from property taxes for qualifying business entities controlled by nonprofit organizations that are formed for the purpose of qualifying for federal tax credits.
HB14-1371Concerning property taxation of oil and gas leaseholds and lands, and, in connection therewith, specifying that the wellhead is the point of valuation and taxation for such leaseholds and lands.
HB14-1373 - Concerning individuals who may claim the property tax exemption for qualifying seniors and disabled veterans.
HB14-1393 - Concerning a clarification regarding the treatment of federal funds for purposes of Section 20 of Article X of the State Constitution.
SB14-009 - Concerning a disclosure of possible separate ownership of the mineral estate in the sale of real property.
SB14-014 - Concerning the property-related expense assistance grants for low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing appropriations.
SB14-043 - Concerning the inclusion of certain land areas used to grow products that originate above the ground within the classification of "all other agricultural property" for property tax purposes.
SB14-080 - Concerning the elimination of the list of certain additional qualification that apply to property valuation appeal arbitrators.
SB14-083 - Concerning reimbursement to be paid by a county to the state for costs incurred by the state in connection with the reappraisal of property in the county.
SB14-117 - Concerning the reauthorization of the regulation of real estate appraisers by the Board of Real Estate Appraisers through incorporating no substantive amendments other than those approved during the First Regular Session of the 69th General Assesbly.
SB14-153 - Concerning compensation of members of the General Assembly appointed to and serving on state entities, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing appropriations.
SB14-183 - Concerning an increase in the maximum term of a business incentive agreement that a local government enters into with a taxpayer who pays business personal property tax.
SB14-199 -  Concerning amendments to the charter of the town of Georgetown, and, in connection therewith, adding new provisions, modifying existing provisions, and deleting obsolete provisions in the charter.