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Counties and Municipalities


  • Through American FactFinder you can obtain a multitude of housing data. Data are available from the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey.
  • The State Demography Office has also prepared Colorado-specific housing data tables, available on our  2010 Census data page.



  • Housing Unit and Household Estimates are prepared annually for Colorado, counties and municipalities by the State Demography Office. Note: These estimates have been updated since first released on November 7, 2014 due to additional data becoming available. They are the current final estimates as of January 15, 2015.



This report presents draft projections of household by type of household for Colorado. The projections were prepared by the State Demography Office (SDO), part of the Colorado Division of Local Government. These projections are an attempt to prepare projections of households by type and by age of householder for the state for use by local governments and the private sector for planning and decision-making.


Methodology. The projections were prepared in three stages. First, household population was projected as the residual between the SDO's projections of total population minus projections of group quarters population. Second, household projections were then derived by applying age-gender specific (<24, 25-44, 45-64, 65+) householder proportions to the age-gender specific projections of household population. Finally, children, adults and elderly dependent non-householders were distributed into the households on the basis of sub-state region specific person per household rations (<17, 18-64, 65+). These projections are available by county and by age of householder.


If you have any questions regarding these projections and/or the methods or procedures by which they were prepared, call Cindy DeGroen at 303-866-3004.