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Conservation Trust Fund

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Program Contact:
Department of Local Affairs
1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-864-7720
Fax: 303-864-7759


Tamra Norton

Program Manager

Direct: 303-864-7734



Leslie Jones




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The Colorado Constitution (Article XXVII, Section 3), as amended in 1992, directs 40% of the net proceeds of the Colorado Lottery to the Conservation Turst Fund for distribution to municipalities and counties and other eligible entities for parks, recreation, and open space purposes. (See "Lottery Proceeds")


The Department of Local Affairs distributes CTF dollars from net Lottery proceeds to over 460 eligible local governments: counties, cities, towns, and Title 32 special districts that provide park and recreation services in their service plans. CTF funds are distributed quarterly on a per capita basis.


Funding can be used for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of new conservation sites or for capital improvements or maintenance for recreational purposes on any public site.*  New conservation sites are defined in statute as being interests in land and water, acquired after establishment of a conservation trust fund, for park or recreation purposes, for all types of open space, including but not limited to flood plains, green belts, agricultural lands or scenic areas, or for any scientific, historic, scenic, recreation, aesthetic or similar purpose (CRS 29-21-101).
* A public site is defined by the department as a publicly owned site, or a site in which a public entity/local government holds an interest in land or water.