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Initial Adoption

Module I-Getting Started/First Steps to Immediate IECC Benefits

Initial building code adoption/administration tools

Most jurisdictions in the United States choose to protect the safety and health of their citizens and visitors in the built environment through adoption and enforcement of model codes which include building, fire, plumbing, mechanical and other nationally recognized codes and standards. The International Codes are the most widely adopted and enforced building safety codes in the United States and reflect a minimum standard developed by a broad stakeholder group through a governmental consensus process. These codes, which reflect the accepted societal minimum for safety and health in the U. S., are now being embraced by the international community. Adopting jurisdictions usually become governmental members of ICC and enjoy a complete framework of support for effective code administration. ICC members, ICC Chapters and ICC Certified Professionals stand ready to assist you in taking these important first steps.

Benefits of National Model Code Adoption

Best Practice and Implementation Plan Suggestions

Thousands of smaller jurisdictions across the United States have successfully navigated the process of adopting model building and safety codes and have established effective code administration programs. Your jurisdiction can accomplish this same goal by employing the best practices and implementation steps listed below.

Best Practices

Implementation Plan Suggestions