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Colorado Energy Codes

Colorado Department of Local Affairs
Governor's Energy Office
Energy Codes Support Partnership Tool Kit

About the Toolkit:

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), in cooperation with the Colorado Governor's Energy Office (GEO), provides the Energy Code Support Partnership (ECSP) Tool Kit as a resource to support government and policy decision makers, building department personnel, contractors and developers, homeowners and business owners, and many additional stakeholders in embracing the latest national model energy codes.

How to Use the Tookit:

The State recognizes that Colorado's hundreds of county and municipal jurisdictions have different needs in terms of the assistance required to take full advantage of the latest energy code. The tool kit is designed and organized to assist users in accessing and connecting to relevant energy code-related tools and resources. The tool kit is logically grouped into three modules representing the current starting point or status of energy code implementation in Colorado's jurisdictions.

Toolkit Modules:

Module I
Getting Started/First Steps to Immediate Benefits

For jurisdictions that have not adopted building or energy codes.

Module II
Updating the Code/Establishing Increased Proficiency

For jurisdictions that have adopted building and energy codes, but need additional technical expertise and training.

Module III
Fine Tuning Energy Code Implementation

For jurisdictions that utilize up-to-date building and energy codes.

Module I Module II Module III

Uncertain as to the current status of your jurisdiction? Click here.


For questions or more information, please contact the Energy Codes Support Partnership

ECSP Support Telephone Number: (303) 866-5400

ECSP email: coloradoenergycodes@state.co.us