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The Division of Property Taxation's education program is designed for county assessors' employees. The program emphasizes the application of appropriate administrative and appraisal skills within the assessor's office.


Courses and workshops are designed to review and explain current Colorado property tax law and present generally accepted appraisal and management techniques useful to the assessor and assessor staff. You can find a list of the Division classes offered by clicking on the Calendar icon.


Enrollment in Division appraisal and administrative classes is limited to county assessors and their staff; however, the Property Tax Administrator may approve attendance for people associated with ad valorem taxation. Division courses are NOT available to the general public.


Courses and workshops may have recommended prerequisites that should be completed prior to attendance. To see the specific requirements for attending an individual class Click on the Courses & Workshops icon.


Students must pre-register for all schools. Registration forms are found with the individual school announcements or you can click on the above link. Deadline for class registration is three (3) weeks prior to the first day of the class or workshop. Lack of registration may result in class cancellation. For current class offerings see the Calendar.


To receive credit for a class or workshop, classroom participation is required. The Division will enforce the "Hundred-Percent Rule," which states that you are required to be in attendance for 100 percent of the classroom instruction.


Final examinations are given for each five-day course and selected workshops. Challenge exams are not offered at any time.


Appraisal course curricula are developed to assist students in meeting mandated appraiser license requirements and maintaining a registration, license or certification as an appraiser in Colorado.


The Division of Property Taxation does not offer an assessment or appraisal designation program. However, individual certificates are issued to all students successfully completing Division courses. These certificates can be used as documentation for the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisal licensing and certification requirements.