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Region One TV

Region One Translator Assoc

REGION ONE TRANSLATOR ASSOCIATION was officially formed in 1978 as a public, non-profit association whose goal was to provide additional television options to the residents of Sedgwick, Yuma, and Phillips counties.  To provide quality reception and additional channels, a translator network was constructed throughout the 3 county area.  Currently there are 7 digital translator towers in the system making viewership of all the major network channels available to tri-county residents.

RF Systems, LLC is responsible for maintaining the translator system.  Reception problems should be directed to Ed Lake at 970-630-3854 or email rfsystems@gmail.com.  Randy Schafer is responsible for paying bills and collecting payments.  His mailing address is 221 S Interocean Ave., Holyoke, CO 80734.

 Region One Translator Association Board Members:

          Jim Beck – Sedgwick County representative

          Stan Shafer – Yuma County representative

          Dean Wingfield – Yuma County alternate

          Richard Starkebaum – Phillips County representative

Digital TV frequently asked questions

TV reception problems?

Do you have an outside antenna?

An outside antenna will allow you to receive the best possible signal. Rabbit ear antennas do not work with digital television.

How old is your antenna?

Many antennas may last only a few years due to the extreme weather.  Hail and ice may damage your antenna by bending or breaking off components.  Connectors and splitters may rust and damage the cable system.  These and other problems will weaken your signal.

Do you have a pre-amp?

A preamplifier boosts the signal received at the antenna and improves reception.

What kind of cable are you using?

Are you using RG6 or RG59?

RG6 coaxial cable is the best for home antenna use.  RG59 will work ok.

What condition is your cable?

Like antennas, cable can wear out.  Wind damage, extreme temperatures, and kinks can shorten the life of your cable.