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Library Policies - Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary Loans


Who may borrow: Any Moffat County Library patron who has had a library card. New patrons may use interlibrary loan services once they reach regular patron status (that is, once they have been a library cardholder for more than 30 days).


How to Borrow: Complete an interlibrary loan request form, which is available at the library. Be sure to use the proper form (there is one form for books, audio tapes and videos, and another form for periodicals). Make sure you provide all required information. When requesting a periodical, you must read and sign the copyright agreement on the back of the ILL form.


Restrictions: Requests for material will be taken without regard to publication date. However, the lending library may choose not to lend the item if your request has a current-year publication date.


Fees: Most interlibrary loan materials are free. Occasionally there is a charge imposed by the lending library—you are responsible for that charge. You must pay the fee prior to borrowing the material.


Renewals: Interlibrary loan items may not be renewed.


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