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County Commissioners


John Kinkaid

District 1

Phone: 970-824-9155

Email: John Kinkaid   



Chuck Grobe

District 2

Phone: 970-824-9115

Email:Chuck Grobe



Frank Moe

District 3

Phone: 970-824-9112

Email: Frank Moe


221 W. Victory Way, Ste. 130

Craig, CO 81625

Phone: 970-824-5517

Fax: 970-824-9191

Email: Moffat County Commissioners


The Board of County Commissioners consists of three elected officials, each representing a geographic district, but all of whom are elected at large. As the governing body of the County, the Board of County Commissioners performs legislative, budgetary and policy-making functions and advocates for citizens at all levels of government. Equally important, the Board of County Commissioners establishes the vision and sets the direction for County government to plan for the future challenges that will face our community.


Moffat County Commissioners Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Moffat County Commissioner to:

  • To govern responsibly in accordance with the State Constitution and on behalf of the legislature in order to represent the interests of , and provide public services desired by the citizens of Moffat County.
  • Provide a natural and social environment suitable for a variety of commercial, recreational and personal pursuits in which people can live, work, play, grow up and grow old, reasonably safe from crime and harm.
  • Elevate the trust and understanding of citizens through informed public consent, irreproachable stewardship of public resources and probative pursuit and protection of shared values, without undue interference in their lives.