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The Costilla County Election Department is responsible for voter registration processes: the processing of ballots, absentee ballots, and issuing early voting ballots for regular primary, general and special district elections. We are also responsible for coordinating all Election Day operations, organization of Election Day results, and the certification of the all elections.


Voter registration may be done online, in person at the Costilla County Clerk and Recorder’s office, at any approved NRVA agencies, or at any department of motor vehicles office.


If you are registering for the first time or would like to update your voting information, click here.


Vaya Votar,  haga clic aqui. 


For Costilla County Voter Service & Polling Center Locations, click here.


For Military and Overseas voter, click here. 


For information regarding Electors with disabilities, click here.


If you wish to become a candidate or need candidate information, click here.  


For Political Party information, both minor/major, click here.


For Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ’s, click here.


For Frequently Asked Questions regarding Primary Elections, click here.


For any additional Voting Information, click here.  


To Withdrawal your Colorado Voter Registration, click here.  


Registration Requirements:

·         A United States Citizen

·         A resident of the State of Colorado for at least 22 days. (On or before November 4, for the 2014 General Election).

·         At least 16 years of age, but understands they must be 18 years old in order to vote.

·         Provides a valid Colorado Driver’s License, Colorado ID card (issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue) OR presents and of the following acceptable forms of identification.


Registration Deadlines:

·         The last day to register to vote or change voting information of an elector, is now determined by the method an elector chooses to submit their registration.

-          October 27 (8 days prior to the Election) – Deadline to change information online, submit by mail, submit though a VRD or NVRA agency, or through a local driver’s license examination facility. 

-          November 4 – Up until and on Election Day,  is the last day to appear IN PERSON at the Costilla County Clerk and Recorder’s Office; an elector may registered to vote and change registration information. (Must meet requirements and provided an acceptable forms of identification.)


You may contact our office for any further questions or concerns at 719-937-7671 or VIA email clerkandrecorder@costilllacounty.net