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Colorado Reapportionment Commission

  House and senate map image



On December 12, 2011, the Colorado Supreme Court approved the House and Senate plans approved and submitted by the commission.  These plans will be filed with the Colorado Secretary of State on December 14, 2011.  Click here for the final approved plans.



Commission Members

The Reapportionment Commission consists of 11 members. Pursuant to the Colorado Constitution, the Senate Majority Leader, House Speaker, Senate Minority Leader, and House Minority Leader all designated one person to serve on the commission. The Governor appointed three members to the commission. The Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court appointed the final four members of the commission. These appointments are reflected below.


Commission Members

  Dolores Atencio    Mario Nicolais  
  Gayle Berry    Arnold Salazar  
  Senator Morgan Carroll
  Steve Tool   
  Robert Loevy
  Rob Witwer  
  Representative Matt Jones  
   Mario Carrera, Chair    Wellington Webb, Vice Chair  


Staff Contacts

Jerry Barry

Amanda King

Kate Meyer

 Bo Pogue

Clare Pramuk

Jessika Shipley


(303) 866-4341

(303) 866-4332

(303) 866-4348

(303) 866-5390

(303) 866-2677

(303) 866-3528


Email: reapp2011@state.co.us

Website: WWW.Colorado.gov/Reapportionment




Download Brochure

View Maps of Plans Submitted for Consideration

2011 Commission Schedule

Colorado Reapportionment Commission Travel Schedule





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