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Archive 2013 House Agriculture Livestock and Natural Resources

The House Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee generally considers matters concerning water, agriculture, wildlife, mineral development, and recreation.  In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Committee Members

Randy Fischer, Chair 

Ed Vigil, Vice-Chair

  KC Becker   Steve Lebsock  

Lori Saine

  Perry Buck   Mike McLachlan  

Ray Scott

  Don Coram   Diane Mitsch Bush  

Jerry Sonnenberg


Leroy Garcia

  Bob Rankin  



Staff Contact:  Brooke Maddaford  *  Phone: (303) 866-4753



2013 Committee Schedule
Meeting Days Time Location Meeting Information
Monday 1:30 PM HCR 0107 House

Bills and Fiscal Notes

(Access Instructions)

Meeting Summaries and Votes

 (Access Instructions)

 Wednesday Upon Adjournment HCR 0107
2013 Interim Committee Meetings (Joint Agriculture)
Meeting Information Time Location
December 10* Agenda Summary 10:00 a.m. HCR 0107
 December 20* Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. HCR 0112
          *2013-14 Smart Act Hearings

Publications of Interest

Colorado Geological Survey HB 12-1355 Report Concerning Transfer of Geological Survey to Colorado School of Mines
Colorado Division of Racing Events, Colorado Racing Commission Report on the Status of Pari-mutuel Racing in the State of Colorado
Colorado Farm to School Task Force Farm-to-School Task Force 2013 Legislative Report Final
Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council Final Report 2012
Colorado State Forest Service The Forest Health Act of 2011
  Final SB 11-267 Biomass Work Group Report
Colorado Water Conservation Board Water Conservation Data Report
  HB 10-1051 Guidelines Appendix B Data Definitions February 2012
  HB 10-1051 Guidelines 2012
Condemnation of Conserved Property Task Force Final Task Force Report

Department of Agriculture

HB 12-1317 Report to Agriculture committees Concerning Parks and Wildlife Merger


FY 2012-13 Strategic Plan Document 


FY 2012-13 Hearing Questions and Responses (Final) 2011


HB 08-1325 Nonimmigrant Agricultural Seasonal Worker Pilot Program Report 


Department of Labor and Employment

HB 08-1325 Nonimmigrant Agricultural Seasonal Worker Pilot Program Report  (2010)

Department of Local Affairs 2010 Energy Impact Annual Report
Department of Natural Resources OHV Sound Report to the General Assembly 2013
  FY 2011-12 Income and Inventory Report Final
  Investment and Development Fund FY 2011-12 Final
  Transaction Report FY 2011-12 Final
  Annual Report on any litigation involving use of moneys from fund created pursuant to Sec. 37-161-121(2.5)
  Hearing Document 2011
  FY 13 Strategic Plan - Revised  2012


Department of Natural Resources FY 2011-12 Hearing Responses to JBC


Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Report Submitted to the General Assembly 


Interbasin Compact Committee 2009 Annual Report (2009)


Water Supply Reserve Account Annual Report  (2009)


Colorado Water Conservation Board Small Project Loan Report 

  Colorado Kids Outdoors Grant Program Annual Report

Department of Public Health and Environment

Cost Benefit Study of the Impacts of Potential Nutrient Controls for Colorado Point Source Discharges

  Report to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and the House of Representatives Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee (HB 09-1330)
  Letter to Joint House and Senate Agriculture Committees from Executive Director Urbina
Department of Regulatory Agencies Sunset Review for Colorado Coordination Council
  Sunset Review for Farm-to-School Task Force, Food Systems Advisory Council, Noxious Weed Advisory Committee, Wildlife Habitat Stamp Committee
  Sunset Review for Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board

Division of Parks and Wildlife

Habitat Partnership Program Annual Report FY 2012


Section 33-6-124 (4) (e), C.R.S. Report on citations issued for off highway vehicles 

  Bonytail 2011 Legislative Report
  Black-footed Ferret 2011 Legislative Report
  Aquatic Nuisance Species 2011 Legislative Report
  Capital Development Committee 2012 Legislative Report
  Big Game Damage Report
  Habitat Partnership Program Annual Report 2011
  OHV Sound Report to General Assembly Pursuan to SB 08-063
  Wildlife for Future Generations Trust Fund Report for FY 2010-11
  Merger Implementation Plan 2012
  Parks and Wildlife Merger Implementation Report 2012
  Attachment 2 - Summary of Potential Efficiences, Cost Savings and Enhancements
Energy Office (Governor's) FY 2012-13 Strategic Plan - Final
  Colorado Clean Energy Development Authority Report to General Assembly 2012
Joint Budget Committee  


The Legislative Council Staff prepares memoranda, bill tracking documents, summaries of legislation, reports, and issue briefs related to agriculture, natural resources, and energy. 



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