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Wildfire Matters Review Committee

 Report to Legislative Council


 Final Report



Committee Members

Senators Representatives
Jeanne Nicholson, Chair Millie Hamner, Vice-chair
 Matt Jones  Perry Buck
Steve King  Thomas Exum
Ellen Roberts Mike McLachlan
Lois Tochtrop Dan Nordberg

 Staff Contacts:

 Bo Pogue
Damion Pechota
Alex Schatz

(303) 866-3521
To contact committee staff, please email:





2014 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information


August 4 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. HCR 0112

August 25

Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. SCR 356
September 10 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. SCR 356
 September 26 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. SCR 356


Reports, Issue Briefs, and Memoranda
Date Title/Subject



Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation
Bill Topic
Former Bill Designation
Bill A Continue Funding Wildfire Risk Reduction Grants Bill 1
Bill B Public Building Woody Biomass Energy Grant  Program Bill 2
Bill C Sov Immunity State Employ Prescribed Fire Bill 3
Bill D Volunteer Fire Department Organization Bill 5
Bill E Ag Land Destroyed by Natural Cause Bill 6
Resolution A Request Fed Wildland Fire Suppression Support Bill 7


Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council
Bill Designation Short Title
Bill 4 Change Wildfire Mitigation Tax Deduction to Credit



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