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House Transportation & Energy

The House Transportation & Energy Comittee considers matters concerning motor vehicle law, traffic regulation, transportation funding, public infrastructure, and other subject areas related to the state transportation system.  In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the Department of Transportation, the Public Utilities Commission, and the Colorado Energy Office.


Committee Members

Max Tyler, Chair

Diane Mitsch Busch, Vice-Chair






Jon Becker

  Daneya Esgar   Patrick Neville  

Perry Buck


Tracy Kraft-Tharp

  Dan Nordberg  

Terri Carver

  Jovan Melton   Faith Winter  

Don Coram


Dominick Moreno





Staff Contact:  Matt Kiszka  *  Phone: (303) 866-6275

2015 Committee Schedule
Meeting Days Time Location Meeting Information
Wednesdays 1:30 PM HCR 0112 House Calendar

Bills and Fiscal Notes 

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Meeting Summaries
and Votes

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Publications of Interest

Joint Budget Committee Joint Budget Committee Staff Budget Briefing on the Department of Transportation (FY 2014-15)


Joint Budget Committee Staff Budget Briefing on the Department of Transportation (FY 2013-14)
Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Strategic Plan (2012)
  Transportation Deficit Report (2012)
  High Performance Transportation Enterprise (2012)
  FY 2012-13 Proposed Budget Allocation Plan  (2011)
  I-70 Mountain Corridor Report (2011)
  Bridge Enterprise Annual Report (2011)
  Transportation Deficit Report  (2011)
  Annual Report on Status of Waste Tire Recycling for CY 2009  (2010)
Colorado Energy Office  


The Legislative Council Staff prepares memoranda, bill tracking documents, summaries of legislation, reports, and issue briefs related to transportation and motor vehicles. 



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