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House Finance

The House Finance Committee generally considers matters related to a broad range of public finance proposals including legislation that affects the state's revenue and tax structure.  In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the Public Employees' Retirement Association, Department of Revenue, State Treasury, and the Office of State Planning and Budgeting.


Committee Members

Lois Court, Chair

Jeanne Labuda, Vice-Chair


KC Becker

  Daniel Kagan   Lori Saine  

Brian DelGrosso

  Jovan Melton  

Spencer Swalm


Mike Foote

  Dan Pabon  

Jim Wilson


Janak Joshi


Kevin Priola





Staff Contact:  Matt Kiszka  *  Phone: (303) 866-6275

2014 Committee Schedule

Meeting Days



Meeting Information


1:30 PM


House Calendar

Bills and Fiscal Notes 

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Meeting Summaries and Votes

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2014-15 SMART Government Act Hearings
Meeting Information


December 15  Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. LSB A

General Committee Information



























Publications of Interest

Joint Budget Committee

Staff Briefing on the Department of Revenue


Staff Budget Briefing on the Department of the Treasury
  Staff Budget Briefing on the Office of the Governor (OSPB)

Department of Treasury

State Taxpayer Accountability Report (STAR) FY 2011
  Department of Treasury Performance Plan
  Department of Treasury Regulatory Agenda



Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting

December 2013 Revenue Forecast


Public Employees' Retirement Association

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended 2012



Department of Revenue

2013 Department of Revenue Annual Report


Department of Revenue Strategic Plan
  Department of Revenue Regulatory Agenda
  Department of Revenue Strategic Plan (by Major Program Area)

Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)

March 2011 Report on International Trade Developments
Legislative Council Staff SB09-228 Interested Persons Memo November 2013
  Checklist for Evaluating Tax Expenditure Legislation (January 2014)


The Legislative Council Staff prepares memoranda, bill tracking documents, summaries of legislation, reports, and issue briefs related to taxes and finance and state government.




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