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HB 11-1277 Fiscal Impact Submit


Instructions for submitting fiscal impact summaries. School districts or BOCES submitting fiscal impact summaries pursuant to HB 11-1277 must conform to the following guidelines.


•Fiscal impact summaries must be prepared on official school district or BOCES letterhead and must include the full name, title, and contact information of the author.
•The summary must be converted into a portable document format (PDF) and attached to an e-mail sent to the following address:
•The e-mail with the PDF attachment must include the bill title and bill number in the subject line. For example: At Risk Student Funding, House Bill 12-1253;
•The PDF attachment must be named to include the school district and the bill number. For example: DenverPublicSchools_SB001.pdf or BoulderValleySchools_HB1001.pdf.
•The e-mail and attachment must be received no later than seven days following the bill's introduction.
•When the bill is introduced in the second house (the reengrossed bill), districts will have an additional seven days to provide fiscal impact summaries.

Members of the General Assembly and other interested parties will be able to review the comments here:


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