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This page provides information regarding state and local taxes, including income, sales and use, property, severance, and other taxes.

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House Finance Committee 


Senate Finance Committee 


Staff Contacts:


Katie Ruedebusch

Kori Donaldson


Issue Briefs

Income Tax Checkoffs (2015)


Individual Income Tax (2014)


Disaster Mitigation and Relief Tax Breaks (2014)


Marijuana Taxation (2014)

Innovative Motor Vehicle Income Tax Credit (2014)


Senior Homestead and Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions (2012)


Sales Tax Primer (2012)


Corporate Income Taxes (2012)


Estate Taxes (2012) 


Colorado's Enterprise Zone Program (2012)


How Colorado Compares in State and Local Taxes (2012)


Innovative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit (2012)


Child Care Contribution Income Tax Credit (2012)


Consumer Use Tax and Changes from House Bill 10-1193 (2011)




Summary of Major Tax and Finance Legislation


2014 2011
2013 2010
2012 2009


Bill Tracking


Summary of Taxation Legislation (2011)


Summary of Bills Affecting General Fund Revenue (2010)


Summary of Bills Affecting the Colorado Income Tax Checkoff Program (2010)


Staff Reports and Publications


Business Personal Property Tax (2014) 


Tax Incentives for Enterprise Zone Business Activities (2013)


The Impact of the American Taxpeyer Relief Act of 2012 on Expectations for General Fund Revenue (2013)


Fiscal Constraints in Current Federal Law (2012) 


Availability of Colorado's Child Care Contibution Tax Credit (2011)


Colorado's Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (2010)


Tax Credits and Exemptions (2011)


How Colorado Compares in State and Local Taxes (2010)


Conservation Easement State Tax Credit (2010)


Sales Tax Treatment of Services in Other States (2010)


Federal Estate and Wealth Transfer Taxes (2010)


History of Colorado's Income Tax Rates (2010)


Tourism Sales Tax (2010)


Alternative Minimum Tax (2010)


Colorado State Government Revenue Structure (2009)


Specific Ownership Taxes (2009)


History of Colorado Fiscal Committees (2009)


Allocation of Severance Taxes (2008)


Tax Increment Financing (2008)


Colorado's Enterprise Zone Program (2007)


Colorado Tax Studies 1930-2002


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