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School Finance

This page provides information regarding public school finance in Colorado.

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Staff Contacts:


Todd Herreid

Marc Carey


State Education Fund Report

2015 2011
2014 2010
2013 2009


School Finance Maps

Funded Pupil Count, FY 2014-15

School Finance Act Per Pupil Funding, FY 2014-15

State Share of School Finance Funding, FY 2014-15

Percentage of At-Risk Students, FY 2014-15

School District Override Revenue Per Pupil, FY 2014-15

School District Assessed Value Per Pupil, FY 2014-15


School Finance Printouts

Additional At-Risk Student Funding Under SB15-267, FY2015-16

Senate Bill 15-267 (School Finance) Reengrossed

Senate Bill 15-267 (School Finance) as Introduced


School Finance Bill Summaries

Summary of 2014 School Finance Bills (HB14-1298 and HB14-1292)


Summary of 2013 School Finance Bill (SB 13-260)


Summary of 2012 School Finance Bill (HB12-1345) 


Summary of 2011 School Finance Bill (SB11-230)


Summary of 2010 School Finance Bill (HB10-1369) 


Summary of 2009 School Finance Bill (SB09-256)


Summary of 2008 School Finance Bill (HB08-1388)


Summary of 2007 School Finance Bill (SB07-199)


Summary of 2006 School Finance Bill (HB06-1375)


Staff Reports and Publications

K-12 Funding Update wih HB14-1292 and HB14-1298 


State Education Fund Presentation (January 2015)


State Education Fund Presentation (January 2014)


State Education Fund Presentation (January 2013)


School Finance in Colorado Booklet (April 2015) 


2011 School District Cost-of-Living Study Results (February 2012) 


2013 Colorado School District Cost-of-Living Study, Corona Research, Inc. (2013)


      Appendix A - 2013 Cost of Livng Study


Economic and Revenue Forecast (December 2013, includes school enrollment projections and assessed value projections)   

Amendment 23 (February 2001)


Memorandum on the General Assembly's Authority to Rescind a Portion of Public School Funding for the 2002-03 Fiscal Year (January 2003, Office of Legislative Legal Services) 




Digest of Education Statistics (National Center for Education Statistics)


Education Commission of the States School Finance Issue Page


Colorado Department of Education Public School Finance Office




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